When I’m not in a good headspace,
Reading a good book
helps me feel better – Catryna
I did an illustration for headspace 

headspace day was held on 9 October 2017 and aimed to encourage young people to actively take care of and maintain their mental health. The day called for people around Australia to let each other know the actions they took to help themselves when they weren’t in a good headspace. Using headspace day signs that read “When I’m not in a good headspace ______ helps me feel better” people shared their tips through social media.

The impact of the headspace day campaign has been profound. People from all generations not only shared their tips – but have helped to break stigma but showing that everyone has times when they’re not in a good headspace.

“50 tips for a good headspace” was created to bring 50 of our favourite tips to put together into one book, so that these great solutions can continued to be shared and utilised by young people. A fun, exciting and helpful book for young people to find something that may help
them when they’re going through a tough time.