More Money for Shoes

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to illustrate a book.

Its called More Money for Shoes by Melissa Browne



It was many late nights, a lot of wet paint, and a table filled with drawings.

A bit about the book from her website:

More Money for Shoes, is an innovative, full-colour, illustrated business book written for women in business (or women thinking about starting a business). It’s designed to show you that building a successful and profitable business can be just like shaping a fabulous wardrobe.
The book couples business essentials with relatable fashion analogies, navigating the often intimidating world of business ownership. From composing goals and plans, to dealing with the often feared critical numbers, in it I’ll show you how to organise, throw out, build and create a business that will work for you. In the Business Basics section of the book I compare business concepts to wardrobe essentials to explain difficult business concepts. So White Shirts and Systems, the Little Black Dress and Cashflow or Jeans and Pricing. It’s a unique and innovative approach that demystifies the sometimes scary world of business.
So if you’re a woman in business, thinking about starting a business, you’re doing the accounts and running the office of your husband’s business and find yourself in business by default or you simply love the idea of one day maybe having a go… this book is for you.
I believe, that like a great cocktail ring or a killer pair of heels, More Money For Shoes is the secret weapon that will take you from being ordinary (and perhaps confused) to extraordinary in the business world.
So, take a sneak peek at the first chapter here and if you enjoy it then make sure you purchase a copy for you and the fabulous women in business that are in your life.”


The Book launch was held on the 28th November 2012, where my illustrations from the book were all framed and exhibited.
You can check out the photos HERE


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