This is the time it takes to create the artwork you need.


Like books, music, movies, and television, most all creative content must be licensed for use. The overall price of a commission is not affected by how difficult the work is to execute technically, but rather a combination of creation and usage fees. The more an image is used, the greater value it has. The more an image is worth, the more it costs. The cost for usage licensing is typically based on factors such as: the use, area of use, duration, exclusivity, number of executions, client’s profile, and expenses involved.


This is the particular medium that the work is going to be used in. Is it going to be in a local magazine or a global ad campaign? Are 100 people going to see it or 100,000? For advertising, we work with four main areas of usage:

Above the Line – This covers paid advertising space, billboards, print campaigns.

Below the Line – Unpaid space, point of sale, direct marketing.

Online – This is a new fad you may have heard of, it covers social media and web.

Broadcast – TV and cinema.


Again, the more it is seen, the more it costs. Will this be local, world wide or limited to a particular country?


The longer the work is used, the more people will see it, so this will mean a higher fee.


I work very closely to a standard process of costing, but of course the profile of the client may effect costs. More often than not this is because the higher profile the client, the higher the exposure of the work.


Why do you need to know how we are going to use the artwork?

Original creative content is intellectual property and licensing its use is one of the ways I generate income. The fees for a specific project are based on the use of the artwork because the more the images are used, the greater value they have. Since they’re worth more, they cost more.

You mean I pay you and I don’t own it?

All work created for a brief is the intellectual property of the creator. Much like software or a book, you can purchase the use, but the creator still owns the material. Mekel owns the rights to her artwork, but every job includes a license that will let you do whatever you need to. The price will reflect the value of that license as well as the time to create the imagery.

I do not want someone else using my images.

We are happy to quote a price for exclusive use of these images, but because this type of license prohibits us from generating any additional income, it will increase the cost of the project. There is therefore limited exclusivity on all our licenses; this gives you exclusive use of the images, but it doesn’t restrict my ability to earn additional income forever.