Fabulous but Broke

I had the pleasure of working with Melissa Browne on illustrations for her second book, “Fabulous but Broke“.
You can own a copy of the full colour fabulous financial fairytales here (or contact your favourite book store).
View my watercolour illustrations and read more about the book below.

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When Alice fell down the rabbit hole she found a magic drink and a magic cake. Today many of us are searching for that magic formula when it comes to finances but sadly it doesn’t exist.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you always knew it was up to you right? There are no fairy godmothers, unicorns or magic shoes coming to save you but you do have something very important that fairy tale characters often don’t have- choice.

The problem is many of us are unwittingly carrying such twisted money messages around with us that we aren’t excercising choice. That’s why I wrote this book.

Fabulous but Broke holds thirteen financial fairy tales that each challenge a particular money mindset. From The Woman who Lived in her Shoes to the Passive Princesses or The Sponges. Each are designed to challenge your money mindset in a cheeky, fun way and to hopefully highlight to you where you could be heading but just as importantly – to offer an alternative ending if you changed your mindset. That way we can be our own financial fairy godmothers and save ourselves.

-Melissa Browne