Zuckerberg deleted my accounts :(

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**Update! 28th November**

My accounts have been restored! I am so thankful

If you’ve noticed some suspicious activity on my Facebook mekelillustration and Instagram @mekel_illustration pages it’s because my accounts were hacked on the 23rd of October 2021. 

So if you’ve messaged me via these platforms, please know that I have not received it, despite some of my pages still being visible as I no longer have control of them. Also, if you witness something off brand, please know it’s not Mekel posting.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual, so if you wish to get in touch, you can do so by emailing me at HELLO

I’ve been working tirelessly in the back end with Facebook who owns Instagram and WhatsApp too) to try and resolve this issue and have had no luck whatsoever. Not only has Facebook been incredibly unhelpful, it turns out I’m not alone… many other artists and many small businesses have encountered this very same thing. Not good enough Zuckerberg, you need to step up and better support these small businesses that support your platforms!

Right now, there are no words to convey the devastation I’m feeling, I’ve lost my community of over 25K followers across Facebook and Instagram and It’s been an incredibly hard pill to swallow, but I’m hopeful I might one day get them back. So, if you or anyone you know have a way to contact or appeal to Facebook, please reach out.

Thanks for your support.


How can you help?

By Following and Sharing my posts to your feed or story. This helps me get the word out there, to reconnect with friends and and fans, and assists me to reclaim my lost identity. 
I’m now looking to the future and would love your support in following my new pages:

What have I lost?
  • Facebook personal profile
  • Facebook business page (it’s visible but I can’t access it or reply)
  • Instagram page (it appears deleted, all 20k followers gone)
  • WhatsApp (basically anything connected to my phone number)
What happened?

My email was hacked, it was used to get the 2 step verification password to access Facebook.

I was first removed as an admin on my facebook page. My back up profile was also removed (I tried to have 2 to be safe). 

My instagram account then appeared to not exist, user name not found.

The hacker ran ads on my facebook page, connected to my credit card.

Facebook claims I have posted and violated community guidelines but I know this was the hacker. They do this to make it harder to unblock your account.

WhatsApp also says I’m also banned!

What have I tried?

Every form I can think of, on facebook and instagram’s website.
I can’t log in to anything, so my only options are general ones.
I was asked to prove my identity on Facebook which I did four times. It eventually said I have been banned so I have appealed the decision. See below, I am still waiting on a reply. Do they even look at these things?
Everything is banned because of my personal profile on Facebook violation.

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